Is a DUI Conviction Enough to Prove the Drunk Driver is at Fault?

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Although there is a common perception that a DUI conviction is proof of fault in the event of an accident, this is not necessarily the case. As a matter of fact, negligence on the part of a driver must be proved beyond reasonable doubt in order for them to be held liable by law.  Unsurprisingly, a driver can be slapped with a DUI conviction for an accident that was caused by someone else. The role of a car accident attorney, therefore, is to carefully scrutinize the facts to determine who is at fault. How is Liability for a Car Accident Determined? Just because an individual is careless or reckless at driving doesn’t automatically mean they are at fault in the event of a collision. A car crash can be caused by a number [...]

6 Things to Do After Being Injured By a Drunk Driver

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More than ten thousand people lose their lives every year as a result of drunk driving accidents. This makes it one of the leading causes of death on American roads. So, incase you get involved in a DUI accident, what steps should you take? Call the Authorities People often exchange insurance information after an accident, and then leave the scene. However, when it comes to DUI accidents, you are advised not to allow the driver to leave.  You should first call the police to carry out preliminary investigations. It is only when the authorities have documented the driver’s intoxication that you should allow them to leave.  Record the Drunk Driver Nowadays, almost all phones have the capability to take pictures and record videos. Therefore, even before the police arrive, you are advised to [...]

Why Do DUI Accidents Increase During the Holiday Season?

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December is always a top month for auto accidents to occur. While crashes happen every day, the holiday season always seems to see an increase in not only accidents but DUI accidents as well. When it comes to the holiday season, your mind may be on spirits as opposed to crashes caused by them. However, there is no question that December is at the top of the list for months with car crashes-- particularly those caused by intoxicated drivers. While this is true in all states, Florida has seen a significant increase in car accidents over the holiday season in recent years. During the years of 2015 and 2016, the state of Florida saw an estimated 34,000 car crashes during the month of December (68,000 if you put them together). That's a significant [...]

Too Busy Texting: Consulting an Attorney About Distracted Driving Accidents

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Are you worried about your quality of life following an accident that involved texting and driving? Distracted driving is going up as the number of accidents involving phones or just distracted drivers continue to skyrocket. As the number of casualties, injuries, and accidents increases, so does the amount of people seeking the aid of experienced car accident attorneys. Getting into an accident as a result of texting or even the more general umbrella of 'distracted driving' is becoming more common than ever. While awareness about this cause of accidents-- many of them fatal-- is growing, it's clearly not enough to reduce the number of accidents that are occurring on the road. While many states have laws against cell phone use, many also have no penalties for the infraction. Laws can vary according to [...]

You Get One Call (And It’s being Recorded)

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Have you been arrested and taken to jail? Well if you ever find yourself arrested and taken to jail, you may find this handy. You typically get one call when you're arrested and they let you out of the cell to make it. Only these days, some penitentiaries might use phone monitoring computers apps to record the phone call in entirety. Some systems might tell you, some might not alert you to this fact-- it depends! So this means that most places are going to record your phone call and it will be handed right over to either a prosecutor handling your case or law enforcement. Even if they don't actively record everything, they might be able to eavesdrop on your phone call at the touch of a button and what you can [...]

Should I Speak to a DUI Attorney?

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Do you need the help of a DUI attorney? If you are at risk of facing criminal proceedings, enlisting the legal guidance of an experienced DUI attorney might be the best thing you can do to alleviate the situation. Not hiring an attorney leaves you vulnerable to a more serious sentencing and leaves you in the dark about the legal process. A DUI attorney in Florida knows the workings of the judicial system and will be familiar with pleading these cases, plea bargain details, and what they can do in a variety of situations and cases. If you are uncertain about whether you require a DUI attorney, it's better to be safe than sorry. You can always consult with them and if you are not confident about their ability, hire someone else or [...]

Be Safe This Holiday: Avoiding DUIs and Drunk Drivers 

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Enjoying the holidays is fun, but sometimes having fun and getting too drunk can mean trouble. This holiday season, we've assembled some tips so you're safe on the road and can avoid a DUI, which can cause your life to get a whole lot more complicated. Endangering lives and fines aside, sometimes you've just got to use good sense. We're going to get into more detail, though, so read on to find out how you can have a fun and safe holiday season! Many people associate the holidays with merriment, decorating, eating, gifts, and laughter. It's easy to forget that there are more arrests made for DUIs between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve than average. Between December 25 and January 1, the average amount of fatalities that occur from impaired driving goes. Binge [...]

Do I Need a DUI Attorney?

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Enlisting the legal assistance of a DUI attorney always presents a horde of advantages when facing such criminal proceedings. To begin with, a reputable DUI attorney in Florida is out of sheer necessity highly conversant with the workings of the judicial system. While also been knowledgeable of plea bargain particulars that can minimize your sentence. He or she also has the prerequisite capability of navigating through intricate administration processes to ultimately arrive at the desired result. Opting for these legal services may be especially critical if you are a repeat offender, DUI with a minor or registering a high blood alcohol level (.12 and above). Such situations quite naturally heighten the stakes against you and it will be wise to get able legal representation. When it comes to pleading guilty, this can be a [...]

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