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Too Busy Texting: Consulting an Attorney About Distracted Driving Accidents

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Are you worried about your quality of life following an accident that involved texting and driving? Distracted driving is going up as the number of accidents involving phones or just distracted drivers continue to skyrocket. As the number of casualties, injuries, and accidents increases, so does the amount of people seeking the aid of experienced car accident attorneys. Getting into an accident as a result of texting or even the more general umbrella of 'distracted driving' is becoming more common than ever. While awareness about this cause of accidents-- many of them fatal-- is growing, it's clearly not enough to reduce the number of accidents that are occurring on the road. While many states have laws against cell phone use, many also have no penalties for the infraction. Laws can vary according to [...]

How to Avoid Being a Distracted Driver

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If you regularly let yourself be distracted while driving, you might just be a distracted driver. It's all too easy to point the finger at others, but there are more ways to be a distracted driver than just talking on your cell phone while on the open road. It could be something as simple as turning around to deal with your children fighting or letting your mind wander. Not only can you face charges for distracted driving, but you could end someone's life. If you do choose to be a distracted driver, it probably won't be long before you need a lawyer to defend you. The best case scenario for calling an auto accident attorney is that you were hit by a distracted driver and now you're trying to get compensation for their [...]