More than ten thousand people lose their lives every year as a result of drunk driving accidents. This makes it one of the leading causes of death on American roads.

So, incase you get involved in a DUI accident, what steps should you take?

Call the Authorities

People often exchange insurance information after an accident, and then leave the scene. However, when it comes to DUI accidents, you are advised not to allow the driver to leave. 

You should first call the police to carry out preliminary investigations. It is only when the authorities have documented the driver’s intoxication that you should allow them to leave. 

Record the Drunk Driver

Nowadays, almost all phones have the capability to take pictures and record videos. Therefore, even before the police arrive, you are advised to record events after the accident. Make sure you capture all the details, including the drunk driver, and the scene of the accident. 

This evidence will be crucial in a civil lawsuit for damages. It will ensure that the drunk driver will not have any grounds to deny intoxication and evade charges.

Get the Contact Information of Witnesses

When it comes to settling cases, nothing beats witness accounts. After the accident, talk to witnesses around and take their contact information. This will help you back-up your case against the drunk driver. 

Moreover, do not wait for police officers to get witness information. Incase the accident results in serious injuries or fatalities, police officers may not engage witnesses. And if they do, they may not collect their contact details. 

Ensure You Follow the Treatment Prescribed by the Doctor

Road accidents are usually followed by a visit to the emergency room. Even if you feel okay after the accident, it is crucial to get checked for internal injuries. 

You will be discharged with instructions to see a primary care physician or a specialist if your injuries are not life-threatening or don’t require immediate attention.

Make sure you follow all the doctor’s recommendations so as not to weaken your case against the drunk driver.

Get the Services DUI injury Attorney

Before hiring a lawyer, compare the track records of potential candidates, their success rates, and reviews. This will give you a clear indication of what to expect. 

Work with the District Attorney

When someone is convicted of drunk driving, it also opens up a window for building a case against the establishment where they became intoxicated. Therefore, it is essential to follow up on any criminal charges the district attorney may file against the drunk driver.

If the DA requests you to appear in court, consult your attorney and cooperate. Make sure that any testimony you give is honest and as accurate as possible. By assisting the DA, you will also be paving your way to winning any claim for damages you may have. 

By following these tips and hiring an experienced DUI injury attorney, you should be confident of getting compensation for any damages.