DUI AttorneyDo you need the help of a DUI attorney? If you are at risk of facing criminal proceedings, enlisting the legal guidance of an experienced DUI attorney might be the best thing you can do to alleviate the situation. Not hiring an attorney leaves you vulnerable to a more serious sentencing and leaves you in the dark about the legal process. A DUI attorney in Florida knows the workings of the judicial system and will be familiar with pleading these cases, plea bargain details, and what they can do in a variety of situations and cases.

If you are uncertain about whether you require a DUI attorney, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can always consult with them and if you are not confident about their ability, hire someone else or represent yourself. However, it is not usually a good idea to represent yourself legally in court– even if you do know a significant amount about law. Having legal representation who is able to coolly argue your case is well worth any money you spend.

You will most likely need legal representation if you have been to court for a DUI before. If you registered a blood alcohol level above the legal limit or have gotten a DUI with a minor. However, you’re likely going to need representation if you’ve been arrested for a DUI in any case unless you’re not concerned about the severity of your sentencing.

If you are pleading guilty and it is your first DUI offense, speak with an attorney about whether pleading guilty will alleviate your sentence or make it worse. They will be able to provide you with reliable counsel on the issue and what the right course of action for you would be. For first DUI cases with no injuries and no harm done, your sentencing is likely to be the least severe. Attorneys will be able to get good plea deals that would be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Your attorney may be able to help you with sentence bargaining in most states, which may be useful if you are thinking that pleading guilty may lead to a long incarceration. Being in a repeat offense position of a DUI that resulted in injuries or death make this a near certainty unless there was some error in the filing that allows you to get off. If you don’t know what your sentence will be, your attorney can help you truly make an informed decision about it.

At the end of the day, hiring a lawyer that has experience in arguing DUI cases is the best move you can make. The court systems take the process very seriously, and it’s best that you do too. Schedule a consultation with an attorney from The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas to see what your options are today and start preparing for your case. Explain your case to them and they will do the utmost to make sure that your case gets the best result possible.