The Real Cost of Distracted Driving

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Hectic schedules, worries about an uncertain future, and a penchant for looking at phone screens every other second are some of the main causes of distracted driving on the roads. And while diverted attention while driving is risky all around, it is especially dangerous in the congested highways of big cities, where majority of the drivers likely to be distracted operate. The consequences of distracted driving go beyond the apparent damage to, or loss of, the vehicles involved in a crash. Serious injuries and even loss of lives are common occurrences as well. Understanding what distracted driving is and its consequences is key to making better decisions while on the road and averting potential tragedy. What Is Distracted Driving As the name suggests, distracted driving is basically being occupied with unrelated thoughts, or [...]

Are Our Smart Devices Interfering With Our Safe Driving?

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A common consensus amongst road safety experts is that the increasing proliferation of smart devices among drivers is mostly distractive and affects safe driving. Funny enough, all the problems caused by these smart devices can also be solved by other smarter devices.    The Extent of The Tech-Fueled Distracted Driving Problem  Distracted driving is an increasingly common cause of accidents on American highways which has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries over the recent past. Indeed, if you go to any highway - major or minor - across the country, and look closely at the traffic, you will note one or two drivers either talking over their phone, texting, or listening to music or podcasts over their car's 'infotainment' system, all while driving.  The use of navigation systems, like Google Maps and GPS [...]

What is Distracted Driving?

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We live in an age where people just can't keep their phones down, even when on the road! Despite having fewer road accidents compared to the past - thanks to advanced and responsive vehicle safety features - distracted driving still poses a huge threat to all road users. So why is it a major concern? Distracted Driving: The Statistics The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 9 people lose their lives every day, while over 1,000 sustain injuries from accidents arising from distracted driving. Worryingly, due to increased smartphone penetration, these numbers are only set to rise, as many drivers can't seem to keep their phones down when driving.   Types of Distracted Driving Distracted driving can be broken down into several categories, depending on the type and nature of distraction involved. These [...]

Driving and Using Hands-Free Devices

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Are using hands-free devices while driving safer than using a phone held by hand? You may be saying yes, and a number of drivers in the United States might agree with you. 80% of polled drivers thought using this type of device would be safer than using a phone held by hand, but studies have shown that this belief just isn't backed up by the facts. While it makes sense why a hands-free device would seem to allow you more focus and more control while driving, these devices still contribute to a percentage of crashes on the road. 24% of call crashes that involve conversations on cell phones, according to the NSC. Research suggests that a hands-free version might even be more distracting than driving intoxicated. Any type of hands-free device can cause [...]

Is Eating While You Are Driving Dangerous?

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How often do you eat while you're driving on the road? These days, our lives are busier than ever, and you can't deny that people need to eat (and drink, obviously). Whether you're on a road trip or commuting to or from work, it can seem that fast food or quick meal options while on the go is the easiest choice for you. While some people pull into the side of the eatery to eat their snacks, meals, or sip on their drinks, still more choose to hit the road or simply do not feel that they have the time in their schedule to stop. That's all well and good, but what they may not consider is that eating while driving and even drinking lemonade from a big cup with a straw can [...]

Too Busy Texting: Consulting an Attorney About Distracted Driving Accidents

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Are you worried about your quality of life following an accident that involved texting and driving? Distracted driving is going up as the number of accidents involving phones or just distracted drivers continue to skyrocket. As the number of casualties, injuries, and accidents increases, so does the amount of people seeking the aid of experienced car accident attorneys. Getting into an accident as a result of texting or even the more general umbrella of 'distracted driving' is becoming more common than ever. While awareness about this cause of accidents-- many of them fatal-- is growing, it's clearly not enough to reduce the number of accidents that are occurring on the road. While many states have laws against cell phone use, many also have no penalties for the infraction. Laws can vary according to [...]

Consulting an Attorney About Distracted Driving

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When it comes to distracted driving, how distracted is too distracted? Well, the truth is that whenever you are distracted it creates a danger not only to yourself but to others as well. There are many reasons why a driver may be distracted, from checking their cell phone to crying children in the backseat. If you want to learn more about distracted driving or have already been in an accident and you think that you need to talk to a car accident attorney, we've put together some information for you. Read on to find out more. Distracted driving is an epidemic that is on the rise. With drivers having access to their smartphones and also dealing with the travails on the road, it's no surprise that accidents due to distraction are way up. [...]

Drowsy Driving Accidents are Preventible

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Driving drowsy? Not a good idea. One out of seven drivers aged 16 to 24 has admitted to actually nodding off while driving once or more in the past year, according to a study by the National Sleep Foundation. The study was part of the Drowsy Driving Prevention Week (November 12-18), an annual campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of driving while slightly sleepy. The study found that 1 in 10 drivers admitted that they had fallen asleep completely in the past year. However, accidents caused by drowsy driving can be prevented? It's estimated by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that one out of six deadly car crashes can be attributed to a drowsy driver. So, what can you do to prevent an accident from being caused by you? The National [...]

Back to School is Time for a Family Talk About Texting While Driving and Distracted Driving

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As we get past summer and later into the year, it's time for families to prepare for going back to school! It's also a good time to talk to your kids and just brush up on a few safety rules. While you're doing a little shopping before going back to school and preparing to go into the school year again, take the time to speak to speak to your kids who are old enough to drive about driving safety. Kids who are older are going to be either driving themselves to school or will be driving soon. It's important to have these talks so that teenagers understand that not only is it risky for them to practice distracted driving, but it's also risky for other people as well. Not only will junior operators [...]

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