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Tips for improving your concentration behind the wheel

Beginning with your first driver’s ed class, you were probably told that the most important aspect of driving was to “keep your eyes on the road.” Unfortunately, more and more drivers seem to have forgotten that essential advice. Throughout the United States, distracted driving is on the rise. In Florida, despite an increase of distraction-related crashes and majority support for legislation addressing the issue, there are still no state laws prohibiting cell phone use and texting while driving. Cities that might want to pass ordinances cannot; the state’s preemption statute prohibits localities from enacting distracted driving bans. In the Orlando area, we can reduce distracted driver accidents only if every driver does his or her part to eliminate “multi-tasking” while they should have both eyes on the road.

Our personal injury lawyers offer these tips for staying safe in Orlando:

How to Avoid Distracted Driver Accidents in Orlando

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Tip #1: Hang up and steer

A 2006 study by researchers at the University of Utah found that the impairments associated with using a cell phone while driving can be as profound as those associated with driving with a blood alcohol level at .08 percent. So, using a cell phone, smartphone or tablet is potentially just as deadly as driving drunk. And, hands-free devices don’t seem to improve safety much. The bottom line with cell-phone use seems to be that holding the phone is not as distracting as the actual conversation.

Tip #2: If you wouldn’t drive blindfolded, don’t send a text

According to studies of distraction conducted by the Department of Transportation, sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, which, at 55 mph, is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field, blind.

Tip #3: Pretty is as pretty does

One of the major causes of distracted driving is grooming. Women are the principal offenders, brushing their hair and applying make-up, but men do occasionally plug the electric razor into the cigarette lighter. Before you decide to touch up your look for your upcoming appointment, ask yourself how good you’ll look after your air-bag deploys.

Tip #4: The red light is not a time out

Red lights can sometimes seem interminable, but if you’re inputting an address into your navigation system, reading a map or sifting through your CD collection, you may very well miss the change to green, get a horn blast from the vehicle behind you, and lurch into the intersection without taking in all the visual cues needed to cross safely. The time lost pulling over to the curb to tend to these issues is nothing compared to the time you could lose at the Emergency Room.

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