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Prime Causes of Florida Accidents

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Are you paying full attention to the road every time that you drive? When it comes to being on the road and being distracted, the state of Florida is attempting to do something about it, although there are obstacles. Florida stopped a texting while driving bill from going through recently that would've dealt with texting while driving, changing it over from secondary status over to 'primary offense' instead. Stopping it was mainly motivated by concerns over whether it would inadvertently make profiling based on race even more possible thanks to it giving a seemingly valid reason for cops to pull over people even if they didn't commit a traffic infraction. This is an admirable thing to do, and it illustrates precisely why legislation regarding a variety of topics can be so complicated. However, [...]

What Should You Do If You Were in a Crash While Pregnant?

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If you are pregnant, you know there is nothing more terrifying than the idea of being in a serious accident when you are expecting. An expecting mother in an auto accident can have a lot to be concerned about for herself and for her baby. Many accident victims worry that being in a crash could negatively impact their pregnancy or cause the baby to have injuries or even die. Unfortunately they may have reason to worry, with five thousand fetal deaths are estimated to occur due to accidents annually. Pregnant and Driving Concerns Being in an accident alone may not cause fetal death. However, if you are pregnant, you should be aware of how different injuries or complications could come up from an accident. These could include: Abdominal Pain- Could signal internal bleeding [...]

Can a Dash Cam Help You Following an Accident?

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People in Florida are turning to video as a way to capture what happened in their car accident. Dash cams are increasing in popularity as a small investment can pay off when you need evidence to back you up in a lawsuit or insurance claim. Dash cams are a small-sized video camera that can be mounted to the windshield or the dashboard. The majority of cameras record what is going on in the vehicle's front area and will record once a vehicle's in gear. Advanced models may also be capable of recording interior video/audio, rear facing video, rear view display, or even streaming on the Internet. When considering a dash cam for your vehicle, remember that the video will capture everything regardless of who is at fault. However, knowing that does give you incentive [...]

Driving and Using Hands-Free Devices

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Are using hands-free devices while driving safer than using a phone held by hand? You may be saying yes, and a number of drivers in the United States might agree with you. 80% of polled drivers thought using this type of device would be safer than using a phone held by hand, but studies have shown that this belief just isn't backed up by the facts. While it makes sense why a hands-free device would seem to allow you more focus and more control while driving, these devices still contribute to a percentage of crashes on the road. 24% of call crashes that involve conversations on cell phones, according to the NSC. Research suggests that a hands-free version might even be more distracting than driving intoxicated. Any type of hands-free device can cause [...]

Talking to a Lawyer When You’ve Been in An Accident

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Have you or has someone that you know been in a car accident recently? It is quite unfortunate to be in an accident of any kind. However, auto accidents really do happen on a regular basis. Hopefully you or anyone you know have been through that. It may be you and you may be wondering what you should do now that you have been in an accident. The first thing that you should do is talk to a doctor or a medical professional. Go get treatment and be sure that your injuries if any have been identified. Then the next thing that you should do is speak to a lawyer. A quick consultation can tell you a lot about what you need to do and what your options are. Talking to a lawyer [...]

What To Do When You’re In An Auto Accident

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If you've ever been in an auto accident before, you can probably attest to the fact that there's not really much you can do to avoid them once they happen. But can you do certain things after an accident? Yes, and you should. If you've been involved in an accident through no fault of your own or have been the direct cause of a car accident, you might have learned these the hard way. They will document the accident. If necessary they will have reconstruction or accident teams sent out to examine the crash. It will also help you to deal with the situation and the insurance companies as well as protect you in the event that the other party should claim something different or untrue or try to get out of liability [...]

Truck Accidents: Everything You Should Know

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Have you ever been in an accident in your truck or involving a truck? With more people getting into car accidents than getting into plane crashes every year, the odds are that you have. In fact, forty thousand people die in the United States every year to due to car accidents. Obviously, with so many accidents happening on the road every day, some of them are going to involve trucks. While a collision with a recreational truck may be more desirable than an encounter with an eighteen wheeler, auto accidents involving trucks can be devastating no matter what the type of vehicle. People get injuries that can be severe, property damage is definitely done, and lives can be lost. If you are dealing with the fallout from a recent truck accident and don't [...]

Back to School is Time for a Family Talk About Texting While Driving and Distracted Driving

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As we get past summer and later into the year, it's time for families to prepare for going back to school! It's also a good time to talk to your kids and just brush up on a few safety rules. While you're doing a little shopping before going back to school and preparing to go into the school year again, take the time to speak to speak to your kids who are old enough to drive about driving safety. Kids who are older are going to be either driving themselves to school or will be driving soon. It's important to have these talks so that teenagers understand that not only is it risky for them to practice distracted driving, but it's also risky for other people as well. Not only will junior operators [...]

Florida PIP Law: How It Affects Injured Motorists’ Rights

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Are you or is someone you know a car accident victim in Florida? If you or someone that you know has been involved in a car accident, you may be able to take legal action! The Law Offices of Payas, Payas and Payas can help you find out whether you have a case that could go to court and win. The new Personal Injury Protection Law, which was passed in Florida and took effect in 2013, was supposed to prevent insurance fraud. But it also hurt many groups in Florida that weren't involved in the insurance industry, like medical providers and injured motorists. The P.I.P. law is thought to be able to allow insurance companies to collect the rates they need to while getting fewer policyholder benefits. The state Florida now requires drivers to carry [...]

Drive Safely Through Road Construction

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When it comes to driving through construction, it can get a little tricky. As we all make the transition to the warmer months, drivers should also keep in mind that these seasons are the peak times of the year for construction. Now that winter is over, construction projects will be returning once more to the roads, which means an increased need to be alert and safety-oriented. Read on to find out more about safe driving and tips you can use once construction season starts. Drivers as well as their passengers are the people who are most at risk when in a construction zone. That's because drivers and passengers in their cars make up for 85% of deaths when it comes to highway work zone crashes, according to the FHA (Federal Highway Administration). In [...]