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Texting and Driving Accident Statistics

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Texting while driving disorients a driver visually, mentally, and cognitively, and slows their reaction speeds. Consequently, thousands of people die or get injured every year on American roads, due to accidents caused by texting and driving. To further put things into perspective, below are some key statistics regarding texting and driving accidents in the year 2018. Analysis of Texting and Driving Accidents Statistics According to research conducted by TeenSafe: More than 58% of all car crashes involving teens are caused by distracted driving. Statistically, we lose 11 teenagers every day in texting and driving accidents.  In 2018, texting and driving accidents made up 25% of all car accidents in the US. In figures, this totals to 1.5 million accidents.  Studies show that teenagers who text while driving are more likely to veer out [...]

Texting and Proving Fault In Accidents

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In many states, texting while you are operating a motor vehicle is not only illegal but a crime too. Even though there are rules set in place warning against it, using a phone or texting while driving is something that many people still choose to do, regardless of the risk. Some may not believe that any harm will come of a quick glance at the phone screen or a quick text reply. However, it's a belief that does not stand up to the hard truth of reality. Within the course of five seconds of motion, your vehicle can cover several yards. Whether you fail to notice the car in front of you stopping or drift towards the side or center of the road, just a few seconds of averted focus can result in [...]

The Importance of Talking to Teen Drivers About Safety

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Teen drivers are commonly regarded as poor drivers. However, a lot of teenagers are not as experienced as older drivers. Much of the accidents that they get into could be avoided with more practice on the road and a bit of understanding about driving safety. It always helps to have parents sit down and have a talk with their kids about road safety and also effective driving. Paying attention to traffic laws and the road is key for teenagers when it comes to avoiding accidents. As so many teenagers and even experienced adult drivers are prone to looking at their phones while operating a motor vehicle. Young people aged 16 to 19 are three times as likely as individuals belonging to other age groups to be in a fatal motor vehicle crash. So [...]

Texting and Driving Accidents: Consult A Law Firm Today

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Many people get into texting and driving accidents every day. Some cause the accidents as a result of distracted driving, while others are driving with full attention and get into accidents because of the negligence of others. Unfortunately, accidents that occur due to distracted driving and in particular people using their phones is becoming more common. As more people get cell phones and smart phones, the temptation to look at them or even use them while driving is growing. This is resulting in far more accidents as a result of distracted driving than ever before-- at least a fifth of all car accidents in the United States happen as a result of cell phone use. Sound shocking? Maybe it depends on what line of work you're in. Some civilians haven't been in car accidents [...]