Can a Dash Cam Help You Following an Accident?

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People in Florida are turning to video as a way to capture what happened in their car accident. Dash cams are increasing in popularity as a small investment can pay off when you need evidence to back you up in a lawsuit or insurance claim. Dash cams are a small-sized video camera that can be mounted to the windshield or the dashboard. The majority of cameras record what is going on in the vehicle's front area and will record once a vehicle's in gear. Advanced models may also be capable of recording interior video/audio, rear facing video, rear view display, or even streaming on the Internet. When considering a dash cam for your vehicle, remember that the video will capture everything regardless of who is at fault. However, knowing that does give you incentive [...]

Can a State Law Affect How Injured Drivers Get Compensated?

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When was the last time that you were in a car accident? If you or someone you know has recently had the misfortune of being a car accident victim in Florida, then you can probably relate to the feeling of being upset and feeling a loss of control. What can make this sense of anxiety worse is when you start researching the laws and what to do about them. Your first instinct may be to contact a lawyer, and that is an astute move. Consulting with legal experts about a car accident situation is a wise idea and will help you to know what your rights and options are moving forward. It may even be necessary if you live in a state where certain laws have been created that make the whole situation [...]

Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

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Are you wondering whether you have a medical malpractice case on your hands? Millions of people a year seek medical attention. With any luck, everything goes well and you are treated, recover, and can get back to your normal life. This is the way that you want things to go, but what do you do when a mistake or error in judgment causes a medical experience that negatively impacts you? If you are thinking about talking to a medical malpractice attorney, you or someone close to you has likely found themselves in a disadvantageous position. When medical mistakes cause such widespread devastation, it can be tough to deal with the fallout when you are the one being affected by it. If you have lost wages, suffered, or been affected negatively by malpractice that [...]

Why Voice to Text Is Not Safer When Driving

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Phones have become nearly ubiquitous in our daily lives. We use them when we're bored. We use them to look up information and schedule appointments. We access not only text and calls, but use handy applications and features to handle what we need to. One of these features is voice to text. You may think it's safer than just texting while driving, but is it really? We've got the stats on voice to text and why this seemingly harmless method of communication poses a pretty big risk. Read on to find out why choosing to use this phone feature may not be as handy as you think. With more of the population using their phones than ever, ignoring your phone can be tough sometimes. The temptation is so great that cell phones are [...]

Florida First To Pass Unmanned Drone Law

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Are you shocked at the very idea of having to have laws passed in order to protect your safety and privacy? Well, Florida just became the first state to do so, swiftly passing legislation pertaining to the boundaries of the average citizen when it comes to these unmanned drones. Not a fan of the idea of having your privacy invaded by unmanned, flying drones? Or is that something that you truthfully never really thought about before? Florida citizens had a reason to contemplate the issue when Florida signed law into legislation that is designed to protect Florida residents' property. Not just military drones, but unmanned drones flying by that have cameras on board. Alligators aren't likely to be the only thing invading your back yard anymore. Florida passed an invasion of privacy law [...]

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