car accident Orlando, FLWhen was the last time that you were in a car accident? If you or someone you know has recently had the misfortune of being a car accident victim in Florida, then you can probably relate to the feeling of being upset and feeling a loss of control. What can make this sense of anxiety worse is when you start researching the laws and what to do about them.

Your first instinct may be to contact a lawyer, and that is an astute move. Consulting with legal experts about a car accident situation is a wise idea and will help you to know what your rights and options are moving forward. It may even be necessary if you live in a state where certain laws have been created that make the whole situation a little bit more complicated.

When you’ve been in an accident, it doesn’t matter whether you are thought to be at fault or someone else is. The medical bills can quickly pile up, and insurance may not always cover you. Any bit of information that you can learn about the subject may be helpful. Read on and find out more!

Drivers in the state of Florida may or may not be aware that their local laws may have a huge impact on what happens when they get into an accident while on the road. Florida passed the Personal Injury Protection Law and it went into effect officially in 2013. It was designed to prevent insurance fraud. However, the law unintentionally had other effects.

Motorists who are injured and medical providers did not profit as much as the insurance companies did. Motorists were now required in the Sunshine State to have ten thousand dollars’ worth of coverage. But even that amount may not guarantee that you receive that much coverage if you are in an accident. In other words, you must pay the premium rate but are at risk of not receiving those benefits while the companies make a nice profit.

There are also changes occurring with this law. Now motorists that have been in an accident are required to seek treatment in two weeks’ time. They will also need a statement that their injury demanded immediate attention from a medical professional. Not only that, state law does not require that policyholders are notified in advance of any coverage changes. Many individuals had no idea that the requirements had shifted and may have been cheated out of their chance to get coverage that they sorely needed as an end result.

It hardly seems fair to be penalized for laws that the state has enacted that seem designed to help the insurance companies and not the average citizen. You deserve to get the compensation for your medical bills and suffering, particularly if you were not at fault for the accident in the first place.

Remember that if you or someone that you know has been involved in an accident, you always have options. The Law Office of Payas, Payas, and Payas will be happy to take your call and make an appointment for a consultation. If you want to go to court, they can help you figure out whether you have a case. Call today!