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Dealing with Premises Liability

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Are you someone that travels a lot? Whether you're on the road frequently for business or just away from home traveling to see the sights or traveling for an entirely different reason, you want to feel safe when you stay somewhere. The last thing that people often think about when they are looking for places to stay is the safety and security of the place. They may be thinking more likely about what type of price they would like for the room or whether they want a suite or just a simple one bedroom. Some people may be worried about the quality of service, or the beds, or even about whether there is a continental or buffet breakfast offered in the morning. The last thing that they are probably thinking about is premise [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Premises Liability

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Do you need a premises liability attorney? This is one of the many areas when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. These cases can occur when someone gets injured on someone else's premises. It is due to a faulty condition or dangerous part of the property and these suits usually revolve around negligence. The best way to get a good ruling is to prove beyond doubt that the owner of the property ended up being negligent and contributed to the dangerous state of the property. Negligence means that legally the owner did not employ an appropriate or reasonable amount of caution in regards to the property in order to prevent injury from occurring. Getting injured on someone's property is not reason enough to sue. You must also prove that the owner was reckless. [...]

Summer Pool Safety Tips For Adults When It Comes To Children

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With summer finally here, it's finally time for summer fun and hijinks. Adults and children get to swim in pools, lakes, and even the ocean! These times can be great for making memories, but they're also a time to remember to focus on safety. Unfortunately, every year in the United States five thousand children aged under 15 are treated for injuries due to the pool or the spa. Additionally, about 400 children under the age of 15 are killed every year by drowning in pools and spas. Over 3 out of 4 of those children were under the age of 5. So while it may be fun to enjoy the pool this summer, keep in mind that there is an element of danger and you need to be ready for it. When someone [...]

How Common Are Amusement Park Accidents?

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Unlike what some people may like to think amusement park accidents occur at a high frequency than the general public is led to believe. Pleasure rides such as roller coasters, bumper cars or even water slides have been known to trigger serious injuries. This includes riders sustaining bead, back and neck injuries while trying out bumper car rides or been thrashed about while riding roller coasters or spinning rides. Or even cuts, broken limbs and even torn ligaments that arise from the same.  Some serious injuries that result from amusement park rides include stroke that stems from the ligaments found on the neck sustaining massive physical shock. Head injuries from surmounting G-forces or strain exerted on the brain by the extremely fast speeds of these rides. In the extreme scenario, victims can also drown [...]