Can a Dash Cam Help You Following an Accident?

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Can a Dash Cam Help You Following an Accident?

People in Florida are turning to video as a way to capture what happened in their car accident. Dash cams are increasing in popularity as a small investment can pay off when you need evidence to back you up in a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Dash cams are a small-sized video camera that can be mounted to the windshield or the dashboard. The majority of cameras record what is going on in the vehicle’s front area and will record once a vehicle’s in gear. Advanced models may also be capable of recording interior video/audio, rear facing video, rear view display, or even streaming on the Internet.

When considering a dash cam for your vehicle, remember that the video will capture everything regardless of who is at fault. However, knowing that does give you incentive to avoid accidents and make sound driving decisions.

Should You Get a Dash Cam?

Dash cams are becoming more popular and are becoming a common way of adding driving support for drivers. It protects you as a driver and can record what happened, backing you up in any accident claim that has been filed. If you are considering installing one, consider the benefits in an accident– and whether you’d like those for yourself.

Captured Through Dash Cam

Seeing can be believing, and footage of an accident of what happened before, during, or after with video date and time showing or embedded in the data can be tough to dispute. Your video footage may have captured the plates or color/model of a vehicle for a hit and run or details that can help you (or work against you) in a case.

Footage Could Relate to Your Settlement

Video from a dash cam may come in handy as evidence for a claim. Insurance companies will contemplate what the footage shows and the impact that it can have. It may have an impact on a jury or whether a settlement offer is extended.

Clear accident footage could help convince a company to settle. However, video interpretation factors could mean that the value it has as evidence goes down– too dark, foggy, obscured, etc.

A case that goes to trial needs to establish that video footage depicts what occurred accurately before the judge lets a jury see it. However, if allowed, it could have powerful effects when it comes to deciding to award damages and liability.

Footage from A Dash Cam Could Hurt An Insurance Claim

Dash cams just show what went on. It could hurt your claim in Florida if you are shown to not be entirely without fault. This may affect the ability to get compensation for a personal injury claim. Cam video may show you to be without fault or may accidentally show that you may have been speeding or blasting music, even talking about being fatigued. When it comes to the video on the dash cam, anything that is amiss could be used to place the accident’s blame on you. Remember this when installing a dash cam!

Get Help for a Florida Accident Claim

If you’ve been in an accident caused by another driver or your loved one was and they’ve passed away, seek consultation with an experienced accident lawyer in Florida. They’ll review your case and footage, exploring your options legally. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation.