distracted-driving-attorney-orlando-flIf you regularly let yourself be distracted while driving, you might just be a distracted driver. It’s all too easy to point the finger at others, but there are more ways to be a distracted driver than just talking on your cell phone while on the open road. It could be something as simple as turning around to deal with your children fighting or letting your mind wander. Not only can you face charges for distracted driving, but you could end someone’s life.

If you do choose to be a distracted driver, it probably won’t be long before you need a lawyer to defend you. The best case scenario for calling an auto accident attorney is that you were hit by a distracted driver and now you’re trying to get compensation for their negligence and your injury bills. To boot, any driver who is caught talking or texting while driving will face civil and potentially even criminal charges in most states, so you don’t want that to be you.

Distracted driving accidents have now outpaced intoxicated driver accidents on the road. When it gets that high, you know it’s happening a lot more frequently than the accidents that actually occur. Cell phones are one of the leading causes of accidents and distraction for drivers, and more pedestrians are getting fatally injured than ever before. Distracted driving could lead to injury, death, and revocation of license, as well as a lifetime of guilt on your conscience.

Some Examples of Distracted Driving

  • Applying makeup in the mirror while driving.
  • Eating something unwieldy or demanding attention while driving.
  • Being overly engaged with passengers
  • Adjusting your audio system
  • Inputting directions into a GPS
  • Talking or texting without a hands-free device while driving
  • Generally not paying attention

Looking at your phone, the back seat, or anywhere that is not the road in front of you
It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, there is never a good moment to choose to be a distracted driver. You choose how much you pay attention to the road. If you want to risk someone else’s life, just think about how many people out there and choosing to be distracted and are choosing to risk YOUR life in the process– all for something as foolish as checking their cell phone (which they could pull over and do as well).

There are safe ways to drive, and there is rarely a time where you are going to NEED to check your phone while driving. There is always a moment to pull over or just get off the main road and check a message or have a passenger do it for you. With everyone so addicted to their phones, just know that you can be on your phone all of the time once you get to your destination. It’s not worth risking a life.

Every single year, people get warned about the dangers of distracted driving. Do not be another driver adding to the accidents occurring all over the nation at an alarming rate. The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas can tell you more. Call them and arrange for a consultation today.