As the Coronavirus escalates, public roadways and highways have become empty in recent weeks as more people opt to stay in the safety of their homes. However, the empty streets and open roadways have led to an increase in traffic offenses, as drivers seem to take advantage of the situation to flaunt safety laws.

A recent report released by the Governors Highways Safety Administration indicates a significant spike in speeding facilitated by the open highways. Many drivers have seemingly thrown caution out of the window by hitting speeds of up to 100 mph.

Regrettably, this trend has been witnessed in many states across the country with the association cautioning every road user to adhere to set traffic safety laws, particularly during these unprecedented times.

Law enforcement officers are also in the frontline the same way as healthcare workers to save lives amid this global pandemic. With that said, the association is reminding road users to remain vigilant and follow all laws to avoid accidents and reduce additional strain on hospital emergency rooms.

At the same time, the study indicates that pedestrians and bicycle riders have increased substantially in recent weeks following the decrease in motor vehicle traffic. Nevertheless, this has not deterred accidents from happening, hence drivers should be on the lookout for this group of road users as well.

Speed is the determinant factor in many of the reported incidents as statistics suggest a significant increase in the number of speeding tickets issued in recent weeks.

Notably, some states have reported a reduction in crashes, but the few recorded accidents have turned out to be severe or even fatal, mainly because of over-speeding and reckless drivers.

Going back to a 2019 report, a third of all car accidents were speed-related while the current 2020 report indicates that pedestrians are now responsible for 17% of all traffic-related incidents.

So, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, obeying traffic rules is vital to keeping our roads and highways safe and accident-free as the country grapples with fighting this national pandemic.


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