pool-safety-injury-attorney-orlando-flWith summer finally here, it’s finally time for summer fun and hijinks. Adults and children get to swim in pools, lakes, and even the ocean! These times can be great for making memories, but they’re also a time to remember to focus on safety.

Unfortunately, every year in the United States five thousand children aged under 15 are treated for injuries due to the pool or the spa. Additionally, about 400 children under the age of 15 are killed every year by drowning in pools and spas. Over 3 out of 4 of those children were under the age of 5. So while it may be fun to enjoy the pool this summer, keep in mind that there is an element of danger and you need to be ready for it.

When someone is not paying attention, that is most often when things go wrong. As a parent, just know that if you are relying on other people to watch your child for you, they could not have their eye on them. It only takes seconds for a child to encounter difficulty and drown. If a lifeguard is responsible for everyone who is in the lake, pool, or ocean, they are probably on top of it. However, you do not want to rely on them as the sole watchman for your children. It is not always going to be possible for lifeguards to pay 100% attention to every single child.

You can also help prevent injuries this summer by discussing swimming safety rules with family and friends. Teaching your children and other children in particular about the correct pool and swimming behavior and safety practices will give them the knowledge they need to help avoid such accidents. Here are some other tips to help you be safer this summer.

Call a child over and explain why it’s important not to run around a pool.

We’ve all seen those parents who scream at their kids “DON’T RUN!” or “NO RUNNING!” while flipping through their magazines on a chaise lounge. Well, that doesn’t teach kids to not run or the reasons why. It just shows them that they’ll get screamed at if they get ‘caught’ doing bad behavior. It’s like telling them they’re not allowed to have fun– it doesn’t show them why you are bothering to say it. Kids can understand it– explain why. Don’t be lazy instead.

Lock your gate to prevent injuries.

Children can open gates and get in on their own. Make sure that you have a lock in place to prevent injuries.

Learn CPR

If your child needs CPR or another child does, it’s best to learn it beforehand. Knowing this technique could save a life while you’re waiting for emergency services to show up.

Avoid pool slides, diving boards, and trampolines.

People have died thanks to inflatable slides, too much momentum, diving into shallow water or being injured using trampolines.

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