Are you someone that travels a lot? Whether you’re on the road frequently for business or just away from home traveling to see the sights or traveling for an entirely different reason, you want to feel safe when you stay somewhere.premise liability attorney

The last thing that people often think about when they are looking for places to stay is the safety and security of the place. They may be thinking more likely about what type of price they would like for the room or whether they want a suite or just a simple one bedroom.

Some people may be worried about the quality of service, or the beds, or even about whether there is a continental or buffet breakfast offered in the morning. The last thing that they are probably thinking about is premise liability.

When traveling, it’s important to stay at a place that feels safe and secure. Staying at a motel or a hotel may seem like no big deal to you, but it’s important to remember that not all places to sleep or stay are created equally.

You may not even think about the fact that some premises may not be as secure as you would hope. However, when was the last time that you searched for hotel deals and were thinking about how good their security camera system is?

The truth is that hazardous scenarios can happen. Criminals often are able to enter the premises of a hotel or a motel due to poor management or a lack of security. This can include cameras as well as security forces and lobby policy when it comes to visitors and suspicious characters.

Management has a duty to take care of the safety of their guests. If there have been incidents on a property prior or in the area, they have a legal duty to keep individuals that may commit crimes on the property out. This responsibility to deter criminals can extend to making sure that corridors and exterior areas are lit and parking lots or facilities are monitored.

A lack of these security measures can allow for risky criminal activity to occur. Even personnel can be hired but lax in their actions to combat criminals. Some properties may have some of these security aspects covered but also do not have all of the items on a proper safety checklist ticked off whatsoever.

Either way, fences need to be locked and there needs to be no issue when it comes to looking out for the safety of patrons at motels or hotels. Negligence can get people hurt.

It is also important to hire responsible people and conduct screening of job applicants to make sure the appropriate people are being hired. Assault by an employee is a serious offense and also a potential premises threat. Any failure to screen an employee or conduct a background check before hiring could result in a claim of negligent supervision or retention.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime while on the premises of a motel or hotel, speak to a qualified lawyer right away. It’s important to know your rights and find out what to do next if you would like to move forward legally.