premises liabilty attorneyDo you need a premises liability attorney? This is one of the many areas when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. These cases can occur when someone gets injured on someone else’s premises. It is due to a faulty condition or dangerous part of the property and these suits usually revolve around negligence.

The best way to get a good ruling is to prove beyond doubt that the owner of the property ended up being negligent and contributed to the dangerous state of the property. Negligence means that legally the owner did not employ an appropriate or reasonable amount of caution in regards to the property in order to prevent injury from occurring.

Getting injured on someone’s property is not reason enough to sue. You must also prove that the owner was reckless. I.e., if you drink too much and fall on someone’s property, that’s going to be a tough one to prove and win. The fact that you got injured is not going to be enough to build a case.

Hiring a Premises liability attorney is the only way to find out if you have a case. Read on to find out more about this issue.

When a property owner neglects their duty of care, you may have a premises liability case. A lot of states require property owners to make sure that their property is safe for anyone that may have entry onto it. Some states also enforce a law that reduces the duty of the owner depending on how the injured party is doing, in cases of invited people, licensees, and trespassers.

Someone who is invited is called an invitee. They are someone that has the permission of the property’s owner to be on the property. This can be friends or family in most cases. A licensee is someone that has permission to be on the property for personal reasons, like a salesman. The owner must alert the person in this case of anything dangerous on their property that could injure them if they are not in a position to be aware of it.

Then there is the matter of trespassees, or people who do not have permission to be on the property. The owner, in that case, most likely will not be found liable for injuries that the person trespassing may have sustained. This may not be the case if they are a minor. This is relevant when it comes to swimming pools, i.e., you must make sure that they are secured in such situations.

Suits can involve slipping and falling, a common reason why people sue. Falling due to oily floors, build up of ice or snow, a messed up staircase, loose rugs, and more can be a reason to sue in a premises liability case. Lack of building security and resulting assault can be a cause for a case.

If you are involved in an injury or death due to what you believe is premises liability, contact a lawyer near you today. Contact The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas to see if you have a case.