Texting and Proving Fault In Accidents

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In many states, texting while you are operating a motor vehicle is not only illegal but a crime too. Even though there are rules set in place warning against it, using a phone or texting while driving is something that many people still choose to do, regardless of the risk. Some may not believe that any harm will come of a quick glance at the phone screen or a quick text reply. However, it's a belief that does not stand up to the hard truth of reality. Within the course of five seconds of motion, your vehicle can cover several yards. Whether you fail to notice the car in front of you stopping or drift towards the side or center of the road, just a few seconds of averted focus can result in [...]

Drivers Age 25-39 Admit To Most Texting While Driving

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Texting while driving is illegal in Florida and 40 other states, but does that mean people are following the law? It's an old trope about teenagers; how rebellious they are, how they like to push the limit, etc. Well, it turns out that behavior translates to on the road, where teenagers are willfully ignoring the law and practicing distracted driving. It's not just Florida, either. But perhaps the most shocking news? It's not teenagers that are the biggest offenders. No—it’s the age bracket of people from 25 to 39—grown adults who are actually the guiltiest of texting while driving. A new survey shows that 26% of drivers admitted to sending an email or text while driving. Not only that, but drivers in the 25 to 39 year old age bracket racked up 45%-- [...]

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