texting and driving accident attorney in orlando flMany people get into texting and driving accidents every day. Some cause the accidents as a result of distracted driving, while others are driving with full attention and get into accidents because of the negligence of others. Unfortunately, accidents that occur due to distracted driving and in particular people using their phones is becoming more common. As more people get cell phones and smart phones, the temptation to look at them or even use them while driving is growing. This is resulting in far more accidents as a result of distracted driving than ever before– at least a fifth of all car accidents in the United States happen as a result of cell phone use.

Sound shocking? Maybe it depends on what line of work you’re in. Some civilians haven’t been in car accidents as a result of texting. Lawyers who specialize in car accidents and personal injury, however, see these types of cases all the time. All it takes is a few seconds for a driver to glance at their cell phone or try to make a text, and an accident can occur. The window happens that quickly. Texting requires driver to take their attention off the road for a couple of seconds. If a car is traveling at 35 M.P.H. or far faster, they are covering quite a bit of distance in just those few seconds. That alone can be enough time to run a red light, not see a car turning, or not brake in time to avoid crashing into the car ahead of them.

We’ve all seen them– the mothers chatting away with the cell phone pressed to their cheek while navigating traffic, the teenagers with the distracted glances towards the phone. Maybe you’ve even had to beep at someone in front of you at the red light simply because they haven’t noticed that the light has gone from red to green for the past ten seconds. The immediate absorption when using a cell phone causes a very real issue because the brain goes from focusing on the road to focusing on the cell phone. Although multi-tasking is frequently held up as a way to get things done in our society, multi-tasking is not actually the brain focusing on two things at one time. The brain switches from focusing on one task to focusing on another. That’s a big part of why texting when you’re on the road can be so dangerous.

Texting and driving accidents occur all the time. The National Safety Council estimates that of all fatal crashes that occurred in 2011, 52% of those incidents involved people using cell phones.

If you think that you’ve been in a car accident as a result of texting and driving, consult our experienced and aggressive car accident attorneys from The Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas. Texting while driving cases and distracted driving accidents should be taken seriously. This type of recklessness is becoming more common and they can help determine if they were negligent and texting illegally and whether you have a case. If your life has been affected as a result of someone else’s negligence, consult Payas, Payas, and Payas. Don’t settle because someone else decided technology was more important than being safe.