Top Injuries Associated with Medical Malpractice Claims

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How often do injuries caused by medical malpractice occur, and what are the top injuries that are usually sustained? A hospital in Florida made headlines in 1995 for a case of malpractice where a healthy leg was taken off. A series of errors led to this happening, but the surgeon had his license suspended while the hospital lost accreditation temporarily. The claim settled for $1.5 million and hospitals all over the nation decided to put new procedures into place so that they would not make the same mistake. Top Injuries Associated with Malpractice Claims The leading injury that people sue over for malpractice is death. Making up 26%, this is the top injury sustained. Coming in second is having a major physical injury to the brain and spine at 15%. Following that up with [...]

Common Medical Errors That Lead to Lawsuits

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We rely on medical professionals to treat us when we go to a clinic, hospital, or office. While most of the time these professionals live up to the name, there are times when errors are caused by negligence or even bad intent. When a nurse, doctor, or other medical practitioner does not provide the expected standard of care and it results in errors, that could be a case for going to court for malpractice. Errors happen frequently, some more often than others. Mistakes do not always equate to malpractice. Neither does a death or an injury or bad result a lawsuit make. Even if patients or family are not happy with the outcome of what happens, legally, malpractice in the medical field is defined as involving negligence on the part of one or [...]

When You Should Sue A Nursing Home for Medical Negligence

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If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you want to know that they are receiving the very best in care. However, mistakes do happen. While we'd all like to think that our loved ones aren't susceptible to these kinds of errors, the truth is that things like this happen all the time. No one is immune to human error, but you can seek compensation and justice for the damage caused. If a nursing home health staff makes an error in medication, you could have a case for medical malpractice. Read on to find out more about when you should sue a nursing home for medical negligence. When You Should Sue A Nursing Home for Medical Negligence An experienced medical malpractice lawyer will be able to tell you whether you have [...]

Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

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Did you know that over ten percent of cancer cases are misdiagnosed in the beginning? A delayed diagnosis can be incredibly dangerous to a patient. Many cancers that would be treatable progress to a stage where they are more difficult to treat or even untreatable, leading to suffering, complications, and even death. A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can be deadly when it occurs. If you think that you have a case, you will need a team of legal professionals with experience in this field on your side. Contact the Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas if you believe you have enough for a case concerning delayed or misdiagnosis. Clients often require a medical malpractice attorney for cases of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. For many cases, the parties involved will deny negligence any [...]

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