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Florida First To Pass Unmanned Drone Law

2017-11-07T22:21:49+00:00December 15th, 2015|Categories: Florida Law|Tags: , |

Are you shocked at the very idea of having to have laws passed in order to protect your safety and privacy? Well, Florida just became the first state to do so, swiftly passing legislation pertaining to the boundaries of the average citizen when it comes to these unmanned drones. Not a fan of the idea of having your privacy invaded by unmanned, flying drones? Or is that something that you truthfully never really thought about before? Florida citizens had a reason to contemplate the issue when Florida signed law into legislation that is designed to protect Florida residents' property. Not just military drones, but unmanned drones flying by that have cameras on board. Alligators aren't likely to be the only thing invading your back yard anymore. Florida passed an invasion of privacy law [...]