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Why Voice to Text Is Not Safer When Driving

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Phones have become nearly ubiquitous in our daily lives. We use them when we're bored. We use them to look up information and schedule appointments. We access not only text and calls, but use handy applications and features to handle what we need to. One of these features is voice to text. You may think it's safer than just texting while driving, but is it really? We've got the stats on voice to text and why this seemingly harmless method of communication poses a pretty big risk. Read on to find out why choosing to use this phone feature may not be as handy as you think. With more of the population using their phones than ever, ignoring your phone can be tough sometimes. The temptation is so great that cell phones are [...]

Drivers Who Use Cell Phones May Display Other Risky Behaviors

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If you are using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, are you also prone to engage in other risky behaviors? Think about it-- would someone who is taking one risk be more likely to take others? According to a new study by researchers at MIT, the answer is yes. Drivers who use cell phones are far more likely to display other risky behaviors while on the road. The study was conducted by researchers at MIT who studies the behavior of 108 drivers in greater Boston. Half of them admitted to using their cell phones frequently while driving, while others said they 'rarely' were on the phone behind the wheel. Researchers found that the drivers who did engage in more frequent cell phone use were higher-risk drivers... even when not on the [...]