Uber is one of the most popular ridesharing companies, if the current stats are anything to go by. The company has over 4 million drivers operating in 700 cities, with a customer base of approximately 103 million users. With the rising popularity of rideshare services, it is no surprise that accidents involving Uber drivers are on the increase.

In case you are hurt in an Uber accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately after seeking medical attention. The attorney will help determine whether you are entitled to compensation for damages or injuries.

Urgent Action to Take After an Uber Accident

Uber accidents are no different from any other accidents. Even though you are a passenger, it is important to report an accident immediately after it occurs. 

Most Uber drivers are always reluctant to report an accident since this could affect their rating and inevitably affect their job. The company is so strict when it comes to road safety, hence reporting an accident could affect the ability of the driver to continue working for the company.

You should insist on the driver to stop and allow you to call the police. The police will assess the accident, record witness statements, obtain driver information and ultimately write a report. 

You should take a photo of the license plate and obtain information from the driver. You should also reach out to Uber to report the incident and keep a copy of the report filed by the police.

Visit the doctor within 72 hours after the incident, even if you feel fine and do not have any noticeable injuries. If you wait any longer, it could be difficult for the personal injury attorney to prove in a court of law that your injuries were because of the accident.

It is important to keep your medical records and any documentation showing expenses related to the accident. This will come in handy when calculated the amount of compensation owed to you by the negligent driver or company. 

The Uber driver or the company should pay for all the damages, including injuries, pain, expenses, lost time, wages and other costs associated with the accident.

Who Bears the Greatest Responsibility for Uber Accidents?

Uber and other rideshare companies usually have an insurance cover to cater for any accidents. However, this coverage is usually limited, meaning the company might try to avoid paying full compensation. 

The insurance company will also need to assign a portion of the responsibility to the driver thus making it hard for passengers to receive their pay for damages, in full.

With this in mind, it is always a good idea to involve an experienced personal injury attorney for help. The lawyer should be able to assess the case, determine who was responsible and calculate the amount of compensation owed to you. 

Your compensation might include your medical expenses and other associated costs such as lost wages in case you are unable to go to work. The driver may also have to pay for pain and suffering due to your injuries.

Do not accept any settlement before talking to a lawyer!