Texting while driving has become the leading cause of road carnage among teenagers in the US. According to a recently concluded study conducted by the Cohen children’s medical center, distracted driving deaths among this set of individuals has significantly eclipsed those caused by drinking while under the influence. Indeed above 3,000 teenagers lose their lives each year in road accidents attributed to texting while driving. While around 2,700 die in drinking and driving accidents. The same study by Cohen children’s medical center also revealed that above 50% of teenagers acknowledged to having received and sent text messages while driving.

Other related studies conducted by Virginia tech indicate that most drivers are 23 times Texting While Driving Is the Leading Cause of US Teen Deathsmore prone to be involved in accidents while they text and drive. Additionally, a survey by the Bridgestone Americas inc. revealed that out of the 2,000 teens that were polled, 71% of them readily acknowledged that reading text messages or emails while driving is wrong. However, 45% of these youngsters owned up that they had been involved in this dangerous practice from time to time.

Of this figure, 95% of them admitted that they read text messages or emails while driving alone. While 32% of them stated they did it in the company of their parents and friends. Above 90% of these teen owned up that they posted on social media networks while behind the wheel. While 29% of them said they did it in the presence of others. 75% of these young adults admitted to watch videos when driving alone, and 45% of them claimed they did in the company of others.

These are certainly extremely disturbing statistics, and something seriously needs to be done about this worrying trend. Should you happen to be involved in a texting while driving accident, it is always advisable to enlist the aid of a skilled and experienced car accident attorney from the area you live. Such a professional will be well versed with the unique legislations that govern your state, and more importantly how to navigate through them. This means that they can be in a position to ably represent to make sure the case terminates with the desired outcome.

Most often than not a competent car accident attorney will counsel you to put in a guilty plea as the right course of action, especially if it is your very first offense. By doing so such a lawyer can be able to negotiate for a lenient sentencing, which will undoubtedly be much better than getting slapped with a severe one.

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