Once you’ve taken a fall in a department store, at a mall, or on a slippery sidewalk, it is imperative that you know what your options are with respect to recovering compensation for your injuries. There are several types of trip slip, trip and fall accidents, such as stairs fall, wet surfaces, sidewalk falls, shower falls and so on that can occur in someone else property.

Generally, any property owners are entitled and responsible for ensuring their property is in a safe condition for those who are invited onto their property. Incase it is clear and evident that the owner of the property ignored or was negligent about the situation or fault that made you slip, trip, and fall, you have aright to be compensated for injuries

The actions you take after a slip, trip and fall accident, are vital in forming a strong legal case. Below are the steps to follow;

1. Obtain medical treatment 

In any type of accident, the health of a loved one and yourself should be the first priority. Seek medical attention in case someone is hurt. The doctor should record and file your injuries as those records are apart of vital evidence in the process of finding compensation.

2. Accident reporting

If you incur injuries from a slip and fall accident happened while in a shop or a store, ensure you file a report of the accident. you can do this by talking to the manager, who will write a comprehensive rendition of the accident. Be sure to get a copy of the report prior to leaving the location.

3. Detailed documentation

This involves collecting and recording the happenings of the occurrence of the accident. Take pictures of the accident location, the clothes, and shoes that you were wearing, and any cuts, bruises or scrapes in order to document your injury. incase there was a witness ensure to collect their address name and phone number for future contact, should your case go to court.

Hold on to the item that caused you to fall. Write down what you were doing at the time of the accident, how it happened, which day and time.

4. Avoid making a statement

Your conversation should be limited to the owner or manager of the property. publicity of these happening should never happen. At this stage don’t bring in the insurance company, first talk to an attorney, thereafter they are contacted by the attorney.

5. Seek an attorney service

Trip, slip, and fall accident are better handled by an attorney. A qualified attorney will guide you on how they will conduct the case, what is required as well as any necessary information needed in the case.

The services of an attorney include;

  • Dealing with the confusing paperwork. Most of us may not understand how to carry out the process on our own, the attorney is more qualified to do it on our behalf.
  • Do everything in the given time, as the filing of a slip trip and fall accident case has limited time.
  • The attorney will deal with as a person and not a case. The attorney will breakdown everything for you ensuring you understand what is going on and also update you of any developments.