My Payas internship experience far exceeded my expectations for this summer. I thought I was going to sit at a copier all day, scan things in, and leave. As I quickly learned, that is not at all what I would do. Arriving the first day and immediately being thrown into the fire with reception for a week was a little overwhelming, but looking back, it was a great way to get comfortable in the office and learn a useful skill.

Following that, my time in Department 16 was very eye-opening and educational. I learned so much, not just about the law, but how to work in an office environment. I met so many amazing people that were so helpful (and patient) when it came to teaching me new things to do. They were always very eager to help me, if I asked for it, and showed me how to be an efficient worker. Sure there were some bad days where I had hardly any work, but I understand that it is difficult to find enough work with 3 interns around. Going to depositions and mediations was very interesting and are definitely the highlights of my time here for sure. It was an experience that, going into the summer, I thought I would never have. I found it so interesting to see what strategies all the attorneys used when they were working.

Overall, this was a productive way to spend my summer and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work at Payas.

Thanks for everything!

Jackson Torbert