May is one of the most dangerous seasons out of the entire year when it comes to motorcycles. Cyclists are especially prominent on the roads as the weather gets nicer and nicer. More motorcycles on the road means more interaction with other vehicles on the road. This is significant, as passenger vehicles and trucks are involved in most motorcycle accidents, with a number of drivers often saying that they never even saw the motorcyclist prior to the accident.

That’s why the National Highway Traffic experienced motorcycle accident attorney orlando flSafety Administration (NHTSA) is paying special attention to the issue in Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May. The national initiative encourages drivers and motorcyclists to keep an eye out for each other as well as share the road. Motorcyles may be small, but they have the same rights on the road as every other vehicle and should be kept a safe distance from when in traffic. Cyclists do not have the advantage of a shell or frame around their body as four wheel drivers do, so it is even more important to keep an eye out for them and give them their space.

In the past, motorcyclists have been twenty-five times more likely to die in a crash than a passenger in a vehicle. They were also five times more likely to get injured driving the same distance as a car. As motorcyclists are so vulnerable, it’s important to take certain safety precautions when hitting the open road.

Safety Tips

Wear a helmet and protective gear.
A full-face helmet is best, but any helmet is better than no helmet. The head is a very important part of your system, and a cyclist in a crash without a helmet is 40% more likely to suffer a trauma to the head that is fatal. It’s vital that you gear up to protect yourself if you’re going to hit the road. It’s smart to be safe, and odds are that it’s mandatory depending on the state you’re riding in.

Ride when rested.
Don’t drive when you’re emotional, angry, or on very little sleep. You want to ride well rested so that you have a much better shot at making good judgment calls and avoiding accidents.

Wear bright clothing in the day.
If you’re riding in the day, wear some bright clothing. Cars are more likely to see you when you stand out.

Look in the side mirrors.
A car’s side mirrors let you see the eyes of the driver sometimes, which indicates that you are not in their blind spot. If you can’t see the driver, you may be in their blind spot— meaning that they have no idea that you’re there. Any driving decision will leave you vulnerable and likely to be seriously harmed, so avoid this if you can.

Don’t drive in bad weather.
Bad weather equals higher risk of getting in an accident. Avoid it if you can.

Review safety procedures.
Videos, books, safety classes and more are all great ways to buff up your safety procedures. It never hurts to get back to basics– especially when it comes to motorcycle safety

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