A pedestrian accident can leave you gravely injured, paralyzed, or emotionally scarred. No matter how strictly you follow the road safety measures, other road users may flaut the same laws and cause an accident. 

In such a circumstance, a pedestrian accident attorney can help you out by ensuring that the careless party is held responsible for the damages caused as a result of their actions. 


Why Prevention is Your Best Bet 

The fatality rate of pedestrian accidents when trucks are involved is quite alarming. As such, it is always advisable to do your best to avoid getting into any accidents.

Trucks are heavy and large, packing quite a punch when they collide with an unprotected human body. There are some simple guidelines provided by The National Safety Council to ensure that pedestrians do their part to avoid being part of road accidents. These include:

  • Whenever possible, make it a point to use the sidewalk. You have a higher chance of avoiding a pedestrian accident if you stick to the areas that are designated for pedestrian use. 
  • If there are no sidewalks, then your best bet is to stick to the edge of the shoulder of the road. Walk in the direction facing traffic so you can better assess danger. This puts you in a good position to jump, flee, or climb should a truck veer towards your direction.
  • Avoid jaywalking. This is not only a crime but puts your life in danger in the process. Whenever there is a crosswalk, take advantage of it. If none is available, look for an intersection. This may seem like a big risk, but it is the safest option since drivers are on the lookout for both pedestrians and other drivers. 
  • If you can’t access a crosswalk or an intersection, then take caution, and only cross the street when it is clear. This means you need to have a good view of both directions, even if it is a one-way street. 
  • Always expect drivers to pop up out of nowhere when you are crossing the street, even when using the crosswalk. Look both ways twice before attempting to cross. If you see an oncoming vehicle, try to make eye contact with the driver, if they do not make contact in return, then it is always safe to assume that they do not see you.
  • If you have to walk at night, then ensure you are equipped with a flashlight and bright or reflective clothing. 
  • Whenever you are in an alley, a parking lot, or a driveway, you need to take extra caution. People tend to exit, back-up, or enter without considering the pedestrians around them.
  • If you are drunk or high, avoid walking near motor vehicles at all times.
  • Stay off your cell phone, remove your headphones, and take out your earbuds. It is best to not have undivided attention when walking in a potentially dangerous place.

Seek legal help

If you are a victim of a pedestrian accident, a personal injury attorney can help you get monetary compensation for your damages or losses. Get in contact with us today, and we will do our best to ensure a fair outcome.