Car accidents, even minor ones, can be very unnerving. When caught up in one, it’s very hard to be calm, even if you didn’t sustain any serious injuries. The damages to your vehicle, and the thoughts of all the processes you will have to go through to obtain compensation, can drive you crazy.

And that’s not even the worst of it…..

The chaos and tension that encompass a typical accident scene may also affect the collation of evidence and consequently the final police report. Really, you can’t expect the cops to get everything right when the involved parties can’t agree who is at fault and some of the witnesses are too shook to give accurate attestations. And while an inconsistent, or incomplete police report won’t really matter in court, insurance companies may use it as a base to avoid compensating you, so it’s important to have it changed if you see something you don’t like. 

Can You Request an Officer to Change A Police Report?

Yes, you can, and should, ask for a correction as soon as you realize one is needed. Ideally, your request should be addressed to the officer in charge of the investigation into the accident and should be in the form of writing. Making this request is especially crucial if you plan on proceeding with a car accident injury claim.

Is an Attorney Needed When Requesting for a Change?

There is nothing wrong with directly approaching the lead officer with your request, you will be much better off if you hire a car accident attorney to do it for you. An experienced attorney will detect other mistakes you may have missed and will draft a more sound and comprehensive request for the necessary changes to be made. 

Do You Need to Provide Any Evidence to Support Changes to The Police Report? 

Obviously. The police will easily dismiss your request if you don’t have credible evidence to back it up. So, depending on the details you need to be corrected and the extent of the corrections you want, you may need to provide the following items as supporting evidence:

  • Medical records 
  • Unedited photos and footage of the accident scene 
  • Sworn testimonies from new eye-witness 
  • Copies of official documents that the police may have missed in their initial report, such as car registration details 


What If The Mistakes in The Accident Report Aren’t Factual?

Sometimes, the police may wrongfully misinterpret a witness statement. In such a case, you can’t really argue with facts since statements are objective items, and that’s where your car accident attorney comes in. They will prepare and present a sound argument to convince the police to change their report. And in the unlikely event that they don’t succeed, they will help you to prepare a written statement or affidavit that the police can attach to the report.

In Summary

Being involved in an accident will probably leave you confused and disoriented, which can in turn cause you to make errors and missteps that may end up costing you a fair compensation. An experienced car accident lawyer helps to calm you down and prepare a flawless suit to get you the maximum possible settlement.