birth defect attorney OrlandoIs there anything more important than our children?

If you have children or have recently had a child, you never want to imagine them being anything but happy and healthy. It can often be more than parents can stand to imagine that their child may encounter a birth defect while being born.

Consulting an attorney may be the last thing you want to do. However, if you are dealing with a birth defect that you think was caused by negligence, that needs to be your priority after placing your child in care or dealing with what happened.

If you child was born experiencing physical or mental issues, and you believe it happened due to medical doctors or attendees instead of in the womb, you need to consult a lawyer. They will help you figure out whether you are dealing with something that could not have been prevented or an injury that occurred due to negligence or error that should not have happened.

Consulting a lawyer is essential if you want to file a lawsuit. Many people find that they have no other recourse if they want to pay the medical bills incurred as a result. Costly medical bills for complex procedures and medical needs can sometimes be paid for if you successfully sue. Often lawsuits arise out of necessity, not will.

It can be emotionally devastating to think that your child was hurt by an accident that could have been avoided. Perhaps they will be able to lead a normal life, or perhaps their options are now limited as a result. You need to file a claim if a lawsuit is to go ahead, and you need to consult legal counsel if you are going to do it.

An attorney that specializes in birth defects, medical negligence or personal injury is going to be able to tell you the ins and outs of what a lawsuit requires. With literally thousands of birth defects occurring that could endanger a child’s current and future quality of life, there are no shortage of lawyers specializing in this area.

Some birth defects are caused genetically. While scientists are still trying to pin down the origins of these defects, you’re not going to be able to sue anyone for genetic defects because no one is responsible. However, a mother that smokes or takes alcohol or drugs while pregnant could be putting the baby at risk for developing birth defects.

When it comes to surrogacy, this could very well be the cause for suing a surrogate when the biological parents believe their actions and negligence breached a duty of care as well as any potential written agreements.

Another not as well known cause for birth defects in a child is improper medical treatment for women while pregnant. This could be the prescription of a medication that can cause defects or a dangerous dosage or even an error in the script due to poor handwriting (something that happens far more often than the medical community would like to admit). Even employers can be sued for causing pregnant women to be near chemicals or harmful situations.

If you live in Florida and are dealing with something lie this, contact a birth defect attorney near you and get representation and information on how to proceed with a lawsuit today.