When it comes to driving through construction, it can get a little tricky. As we all make the transition to the warmer months, drivers should also keep in mind that these seasons are the peak times of the year for construction. Now that winter is over, construction projects will be returning once more to the roads, which means an increased need to be alert and safety-oriented. Read on to find out more about safe driving and tips you can use once construction season starts.

car-accident-injury-attorney-orlando-fl-payasDrivers as well as their passengers are the people who are most at risk when in a construction zone. That’s because drivers and passengers in their cars make up for 85% of deaths when it comes to highway work zone crashes, according to the FHA (Federal Highway Administration). In 2010 alone, 576 people passed as a result of auto accidents in construction work zones. That’s over one fatality a day. Drivers especially need to be vigilant of special construction zones and what the rules of the road are.

In Florida and other states, it’s encouraged to move over when construction signs and lights appear. If you can’t do that, then slow down and especially no speeding. Not only can you face an extremely expensive sign, but it’s dangerous to go fast in a work zone. There may be open gaps and other areas where you can get seriously injured.

Drivers should follow these tips:

  • Don’t drive distracted.
  • Put extra care and attention to the road you are driving on. Turn the music off and do not use your phone or be distracted by passengers.
  • Use a hands-free phone if you need to. Cell phone use is distracted driving, but if you absolutely must be on the phone, use a hands-free.
  • Pay attention to signs.

Signs will often have information posted about construction work zones happening either today or in the future. They will also direct you to alternate routes or detours.

  • Avoid them if you can.

The easiest way to navigate a work zone is to never drive through it in the first place.

It’s not just drivers that face risks. Construction workers are also vulnerable to injury or even death. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 105 workers died in 2013 at road construction sites. It’s also common for workers to be struck by vehicles. Workers too must be vigilant for drivers as well as members of their own crew/heavy machinery. Always follow labor laws and OSHA.

Pedestrians too must be careful in work zones. Follow marked pathways and watch traffic before crossing. Cyclists as well should stay updated on construction in order to avoid going by these zones. Remember to always use caution and slow down in work zones, paying close attention to the site. You must look out for you safety above all else, because no one is going to do it for you.

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