car accident attorney OrlandoAccidents happen on the road all the time. Statistically, you’re bound to get into at least one accident in your life. With any luck, the accidents that you get into will not cause injury and will be very minor. If they’re not, it may be time to consult a car accident attorney.

Consult an attorney for any injuries or damages to your vehicle if you have been in an accident recently. If you are not at fault and another driver in Florida has caused it due to what you believe to be negligence, it can be helpful to talk to a lawyer to find out more about the topic.
You may be able to recover damages for an accident where you were not at fault and perhaps even partial depending on the laws of where you live. It all depends on the circumstances, but if you’ve been in an accident and want some legal guidance, it never hurts to schedule a consultation to find out more.

All too often drivers think that if they are to blame for the accident at all and can’t receive damages and this way, you can find out whether your situation merits a closer look because you are eligible after all. in Florida, they use the doctrine of comparative fault when they determine an accident’s responsible party.

Comparative fault means more than just one of the parties can be responsible for an accident. That means a portion of responsibility is assigned to each in the accident and the percentage is applied to the ensuing damages. What modified comparative fault does is it allows drivers that have less than 50% responsibility in an accident to be able to collect damages (however, it works the other way too– above 50% liability, you are not allowed to collect).

Fault is determined by examining a number of factors. That can mean the cause of the accident, which can be at times very clear and at other times a little more complex to understand. The police will make an initial report based on the scene and perhaps even take statements and witness statements. It may even require a specialist in accident reconstruction to get an idea of what happened prior to the accident (and during, and even after).

Other factors include whether other factors were at play, such as distracted driving or impaired operation of a motor vehicle, what the weather was like, road conditions, mechanical failures, other drivers that may have played a part in the accident, and more.

If you are involved in an accident, call the police. Make sure a report of the accident is made. Get medical attention if you are hurt the instant that you are able to. Take an ambulance from the scene to the hospital if you need to. Hold on to all of the medical records, bills, and receipts you have. Never admit guilt to anyone or on the phone– if you are wrong or even if you are right, it can be used against you.

Seek help from an experienced attorney and get representation from Payas, Payas, & Payas LLP if you’ve been involved in an accident in Florida or the Orlando area. They can help you seek damages and more. Call today for a consultation!