Texting and driving is a combination that has produced numerous accidents on the road, with a frightening number resulting to fatalities.  In fact, studies have shown that texting while driving is considered as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. The use of mobile devices while on the road leads to distracted driving which means that the driver is less likely to notice road and safety signals, pedestrians and the signals coming from other vehicles.  Failure to heed these signals has led to injuries and deaths that could have been prevented had the driver not been using a mobile device while on the wheel.

Legal Repercussions of Texting While Driving 
In the US, there are laws banning the use of mobile devices or the act of texting while someone is on the wheel.  Also, different states have passed local
texting-while-driving-text-driving-accidents-orlandolegislation banning texting or the use of wireless phones while driving.  These laws also require the use of hands-free or wireless communication if someone really needs to talk on the phone while driving.  Florida has enacted a texting while driving ban which considers the offense as a secondary offense.  This means that a driver must be pulled over first for another offense before a ticket for texting and driving can be issued.  Legal consequences of texting while driving include:

  • Tickets & Fines
  • Driving points which could lead to suspension of a person’s driver’s license
  • Criminal charges when the offense led to injury or death
  • Civil liability when texting while driving led to injury or damage to property

How Your Lawyer Can Help 
Driving accidents often result to lawsuits especially when serious damage to property, injuries or death occurred.  It is important to have competent legal representation by your side if you were behind the wheel or if you are the victim.  We at the Law Offices of Payas, Payas & Payas have the the experience in driving laws and driving accidents essential for studying your case. This way you know what best legal action to you need to take to protect your rights at all times.

If you have recently figured in a car accident where texting and driving was involved, it is best to talk to a lawyer in order to know what legal consequences you may be facing or to determine what kind of compensation you can get if you are the victim.  Consult with the Law Office of Payas Payas & Payas for free and sound legal advice so you can protect your rights as early as now.