According to the National Service for Health Statistics, Americans visited emergency rooms more than 32 million times for injuries in 2009. If you suffered injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be wondering what to expect from your Florida personal injury lawsuit.

The first stage for any legal claim consists of an investigation of the facts of your case and your possible claim. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly document all aspects of your case. Your lawyer will further investigate your claim.

Once your lawyer understands your case, he or she sends a letter of demand to the other party or their insurance company. At this stage, the parties will usually try to reach a settlement.

If no settlement is reached, your lawyer will file a complaint in the relevant Florida District Court. The other party will then file an answer or a motion to dismiss. In his or her answer, the defendant will respond to your claims.

Once the defendant files an answer, discovery begins. At this point, the lawyers have the opportunity to seek more evidence for the claims made by both parties. During this stage, you may be asked questions at a deposition hearing.

If there is still no settlement agreement, the case will go to mediation and then trial, where a jury may finally decide on your case. After jury selection, the lawyers will each generally issue opening statements, examine witnesses and finish by closing statements, after which the jury makes its decision.

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