The holiday season is undoubtedly one of the most popular for people who like to travel. However, factors such as road congestion, poor weather conditions, and stress can make road travel very dangerous during this season. If you intend to travel, therefore, it is important that you become aware of these factors and plan your trip carefully. This will help you reach your destination safely, and with minimal hassle.
Here are the top safety tips for holiday travel:

Plan the Drive in Advance

Before you embark on any destination, it is important to plan your drive ahead of time. Extensive planning will allow you to identify any incidences that you are likely to encounter on the road, and come up with strategies of dealing with them. You should also ensure that you know the routes that you intend to use, and the condition of the roads. If possible, identify alternative roads that you may use in case the main route becomes impassable due to congestion or bad weather.

Set Aside Enough Time for Travel

One of the reasons why people get stressed out by road travel during the holiday season is because they fail to factor travel-time in their schedules. Remember that most people travel during the holidays and roads are more prone to congestion during this time. You can avoid the last-minute rush by setting aside enough travel time in your schedule. It is best to travel early in the morning when the roads are less congested. You may also want to factor in extra time when traveling to your destination in order to cover any delays you may experience on the road.


Don’t Drink and Drive

It is normal for people to drink much more than they would ordinarily do during the holiday season. If you plan on drinking, you should ensure that you make the necessary arrangements, and choose the best transport method to use when traveling to or from your destination. You may want to hire a designated driver to take you to your destination and back safely. Alternatively, you can use an uber or taxi.


Have your Car Inspected and Serviced Before Departure

Before embarking on any travel destination, you need to ensure that your car is inspected for any faulty parts and get it serviced as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of the highway in the freezing cold, and without any emergency kit. This can greatly jeopardize your health, safety as well as your holiday. In order to prevent these unwanted incidences, make sure that your car is examined by a qualified mechanic before you set off for your destination.


Bottom line

While these tips can help you travel safely during the holiday, they do not guarantee that you will not experience accidents or incidents on the road. If this happens, ensure you call your car accident attorney to get advice on the best action to take.