No matter the path it takes, there are going to be thousands of claims made as a result of #HurricaneDorian. On most homeowners’ policies, there’s a policy limit for “Coverage C.” Typically, C stands for “Contents” – your personal belongings.

One of the fine print requirements when filing an insurance claim, is commonly known as a “SWORN PROOF OF LOSS.” Essentially, this is a document, signed under penalty of perjury, that lists each and every item that you claim was damaged by a covered loss. The fine print also often requires you to provide this Sworn Proof of Loss within 30 days of their request. Of course, there are insurance carriers and adjusters waiting to deny your claim because you didn’t provide it until day 31. If you need more time to submit, ask for it in writing and get a response in writing.

When making a contents loss claim, insurers almost always ask the homeowner to list everything they are claiming, as well as the amount paid for each item and its “Replacement Cost Value.” This can be quite a task when it is post-hurricane and you’re dealing with tons of other recovery issues.

The best way to help yourself now is to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING YOU THINK COULD SUFER DAMAGE. Some ideas are: stand in the middle of each room and slowly take a 360 video; take pictures of the contents in the drawers, cabinets, and other areas that are not easily visible. Pictures of model/serial numbers will help you to fill out the Sworn Proof of Loss.

Don’t become a victim twice -you paid a LOT of premiums to cover yourself in times like these. As always, if you have questions, your Payas family is here to assist. Like, share, and stay safe.

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