experienced personal injury lawyerWhen it comes to the phone and hitting the road, the two don’t go together. What does go together, no matter how experienced you are, is paying attention to the road while you’re operating a motor vehicle. If your focus is distracted, even for a few seconds, you could end up getting into an accident.

In general, when you are driving a motor vehicle you should always try and keep your focus on the road. Cars move so quickly and cover so much ground in mere seconds that even a few moments of not paying attention could be deadly. Drivers who are using their phones while operating their vehicles are likely to take their eyes off the road for three seconds or more– more than enough time in which to cause a horrible accident.

Here are five reasons why you should never text and drive.

1. You are more likely to be in a fatal crash.
Texting while driving is the equivalent of driving while drunk. The effect on your attention span is nearly identical, and so are the dangers. Using your phone while operating a motor vehicle means you are less inclined to see vital traffic signals and road signs, as well as other vehicles suddenly braking or turning right out in front of you. As the phone draws your attention, you are no longer focused on the road, and more likely to have an accident that is worse than one you might have had while paying attention.

2. You could go to jail.
Some states have laws that ban the use of your cell phone or even texting while you’re driving, but different states have different laws.You may also be subject to local legislation. If busted, certain states may determine that you did break the law and this can result in tickets, fines, points, criminal charges in accidents leading to injury/death, civil liability, and jail time. Florida has banned texting while driving and in the state it is considered a secondary offense.

3. You could be seriously injured or die.
Not only are you far more likely to cause an accident in which someone else is injured or killed, you are also likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident of this nature. Is that text or that song really worth the moment’s worth of distraction? Could you easily pull over into a gas station or spare parking lot for a minute to do what you need to do? Consider whether what you’re risking your life for is worth it.

4. You could face a hefty legal bill.
You’re going to need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side no matter if you caused the crash or are a victim of the accident. Lawsuits and court cases are complicated and if you cause an accident, you’re likely looking at a hefty legal bill– avoided by not going on your phone!

5. It feels better.
Don’t text while driving– you’ll feel better knowing you’re being a safe driver.

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