Dealing with Chest Pains After An Accident

//Dealing with Chest Pains After An Accident

Dealing with Chest Pains After An Accident

When it comes to being in an auto accident, are chest pains a bad thing to experience? They could be. When involved in any physical car accident, you are susceptible to getting injuries that are visible and also not. You may have injuries that even you may not be aware about because they are internal and functioning on a sort of invisible level, even though they are very real.

Some people in an accident have cuts, burns, or other visible injuries like lacerations or broken bones. While emergency or first response workers may see those injuries and be able to rush individuals to be treated, the injuries that are not quite so visible and obvious may escape notice.

Injuries may not be so visible at first. Then hours later, days later, even a week or more later after an accident, people may start to feel sore or otherwise off. Chest pains may appear, your ribs may feel sore, or even breathing in and out may cause a painful sensation.

You may notice that pains in the chest manifest after the event. If you’re experiencing this now, in the past, or in the future, you definitely want to take that seriously. It could and very likely might be an indication of an injury that is serious and even life-threatening.

What Causes Post-Accident Chest Pains?

A car accident collision could cause pains in the chest. A vehicle’s passengers may even come into contact with a vehicle’s interior when impacting, causing them to bruise or sustain an even more serious injury.

Even though safety features such as air bags and seat belts are made to try and prevent bad injury, they can also contribute to causing pain during and after an accident. Stress and adrenaline can also contribute to chest pains or even cause someone to have a heart attack, so if you are having pains immediately after an accident, rush to a hospital right away or call for an ambulance, whichever would be quicker.

Chest Pains Can Be Serious Following Any Accident

Chest pains or any pain and having a tough time breathing is always going to be a sign something is off. Do not jeopardize your health. Respond to these pains by going to a doctor. Get medical attention immediately and do not let anyone sway you from it. They can confirm that you are either fine or lightly bruised or diagnose what’s going on with you and document your injuries.

This can provide you with peace of mind, physical safety (you know that you’re not risking your life), and you can also have legal backup if you decide to sue. You can explain the accident and give your doctor the best shot at diagnosing what’s going on, if anything, as well.

Legal Consultation Post-Accident

You should not only hold onto all of your documents but also consult a lawyer after any accident. Don’t suffer from an accident alone. If you’ve been injured, getting legal advice is a good idea. Make a consultation by making an appointment and do what you can to see what goes into taking your case to court. Get in touch with our office today and make an appointment to discover more.