Real Estate and Wills & Testaments FAQs

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Real Estate and Wills & Testaments FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Real Estate Law

What is real estate?
Real estate is the term for land and things attached to land. Residential real estate deals include the house and the land on which it is located. Commercial real estate may include factories, warehouses, equipment and other facilities associated with the land. Resources such as minerals and gas that are located on the land are considered part of the real estate. Some of these real estate components can be sold separately.

What is a disclosure statement?
If you are selling property, you must complete a disclosure statement detailing certain defects and other information about the property. The disclosure statement must then be provided to the buyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Wills and Testaments

Do I need a will?
A will protects your property and can be especially helpful if you want to distribute your property to people other than your relatives. Without a will, state law dictates the distribution of your property. The default plan normally distributes property to relatives.

Is it necessary for a lawyer to draft my will?
While it may seem straightforward for you to draft your will yourself, personally drafted wills tend to be incomplete and are, therefore, invalid under state law. An attorney familiar with your specific state laws can legally draft a will that is valid under your state’s law.

Can you contest a will or trust?
Yes, when the person who wrote the will or trust was forced, deceived, mentally incompetent or unduly influenced.

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