worst-toys-product-liability-lawyer-orlando-flIf you’re a parent, you probably know that you’re going to be doing plenty of shopping come this holiday season. Many parents will purchase toys for their children when doing their holiday shopping this year. This year, we want to remind you to shop mindfully. Since 2014 alone, there have been multiple toy recalls in both the U.S. and Canada. Some toys may turn out to have defective parts or a tendency to be a hazard to younger users.

Keep in mind that many things can break off or pose life threatening danger to infants, toddlers, and young children. Toys that include small pieces, pieces that might break off, sharp edges, strings or rope, have loosely attached pieces, come with dangerous accessories or project objects may are particularly risky. One of the best things you can do for your child, a relative, or any younger child that will be receiving a gift from you this holiday season is to choose selectively and pick toys that seem to be the most safe and pose the least hazard.

When shopping for toys, remember that it’s not just the parts of the toys that could break off. Many toys include transparent plastic liners that can be missed when toys are unwrapped and could be a potential choking hazard. Here is a list of five toys from 2014 that were the worst toys to give children. Toys are fun, but remember, some of them may be hazardous!

5 of the Worst Toys of 2014

The Air Storm Firetek Bow

This powerful toy is probably a parent’s worst nightmare. Not only was the Firetek Bow made for children 8 and up, it could shoot arrows pretty far and powerfully, with arrows shooting over 130 feet up in the air. The piece comes with glow pieces, so you can run around in the dark as plummeting projectiles hurtle to the ground around you. But don’t worry, the Walmart-retailed bow has packaging that warns against using the bow in complete darkness. But wouldn’t you want to try it outside if you were 8 and up? Eye injuries were the big reason why this toy made the list.

The Catapencil

For those kids who like a little weapon in their toys, there was the Catapencil! This toy is essentially a catapult, and it’s cheap pricing made it even more appealing, sold on Amazon and Learning Express for $3.99. Now kids could easily catapult objects at targets. Small objects plus high velocities were the main reason this toy was deemed one of the worst of 2014.

The Alphabet Zoo Rock & Stack Pull Toy

You’ve probably guessed why this toy made the list. That’s right; the Rock & Stack toy fails at safety thanks to its 20 inch string. The cord is 8 inches longer than the safety standards. Its length makes it a high-risk toy for strangulation (and there’s a warning to that effect).

The SWAT Electric Machine Gun

Want your kid or teenager to carry a toy that is so realistic that it could be taken for an actual gun by authorities? Not only could this potentially happen. In fact, a twelve year old in Cleveland was actually shot dead because of a toy gun that looked like the real thing. Pass.

Lil’ Cutesies: Best Friends 

Kids love dolls, but it’s often the most innocuous aspects of these toys that make them potentially lethal. They were deemed a choking hazard due to the potential of the toy bow on the doll’s head to fall off. This toy retailed at Kmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon online for under ten dollars.

Children get injured every day from negligent toy manufacturers. Consult the Law Offices of Payas, Payas, and Payas. We’ll let you know if you have a product liability case.